Award Winning Photograph

7:27 PM Monday, July 23, 2007

I'll admit, I'm pretty proud of this picture. I took this in 2005 of Emily at a nearby shopping mall. She was turning her face to avoid getting sloshed by the spray of water coming up at her. I just found out that I won First Place and Best of Show at the Webster County Fair (where my parents live in Missouri).

It was probably out of a whopping 3 entries, but still cool nonetheless.


  1. I can guarantee there were more than 3 entries at the Webster County Fair! And you won 1st place in your category AND Best of Show! Congratulations. You really deserved it!


  2. Johnny boy,

    FAB JOB!!! from one fellow photography enthusiast to another! :)



  3. Great work on the photo ... love the effect you created!


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