10:48 AM Friday, February 29, 2008

I thought you all would want to see what all of Phoenix saw when I went to dinner with my sweet husband and my brother and sister in law. After my surgery I wanted to stay home, but noooooooo they all had to go out to dinner. They kept telling me that nobody would even notice what I looked like so not a big deal. As we are sitting at the table and ordering, my fabulous brother thought it would be a nice thing if he complimented me on my new stylish eyewear. What a dear!

I got to go visit my brother and his family in Arizona and get Lasik last week. I know, I know you are wondering why in the world would I travel to Arizona to get Lasik? Well, my brother loves me and he paid for it! JUST KIDDING!! He did get me a really good deal on it. So needless to say, no more glasses for me. The actual process only took 10 min. and I was out and ready to see the world in a hole new light. The recovery was so easy and no pain. If anyone is considering doing this, DO IT!!!

My parents came over for dinner and Charlotte wanted Momo (Grandma) to get in her castle tent. Momo told her she was just too big to get in. So, Papa crawled in and played with Charlotte and Emily. Papa had a really hard time getting in and out. Thanks Momo and Papa for the great memories.

William's Bath Time Video

10:39 AM Monday, February 18, 2008

Tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've seen in a long time? He's adorable in the bath and has so much fun splashing.

He's a stand up kind of guy...

2:03 PM Sunday, February 17, 2008

He's started standing a few days ago (and he took one step with me, but since there were no witnesses, I guess it doesn't count). He can stand up without help for a fairly good amount of time (about 20 seconds) and then he decides he's had enough and plops down on his bum. Won't be long now before we're posting a walking video!

We just had this cleaned and we're selling it on KSL. It was Jill's wedding dress from her first wedding. If you know anyone who needs a size 10... give us a call.

Charlotte calls him Will - wi- um. Nana sent out some hand knitted socks for the little man recently - thank you Nana - and he looked so handsome. Enjoy!

One day recently, Charlotte had her hair done up and I had just gotten my camera back from Nikon - long story there, but our travels left it weary. Not to worry, she's as good as new again -back to Charlotte... she is just adorable and I couldn't resist.

Another time, she dressed up in this little outfit and Jill made her to to her room for something. When she went to check on her, she was sleeping as you see her. Don't you just love kids?

I don't know if I totally understood this storm. Herriman, West Jordan and parts of Riverton experienced very high winds and LOTS of snow, while other parts of the valley (namely Sandy, Salt Lake City, Draper - all communities near us) got barely a dusting. Needless to say, it was the largest snowstorm in over a decade here in our little town. We were left with about 12 inches in a little over 5 hours. We had about 10 neighbors in our little circle get together to clear walk ways, driveways and the street so that we could all get out Monday morning. What a joy!

Little Mermaid

5:29 PM Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Emily taught Charlotte that if you put both legs in one leg of your pants you turn into a mermaid. The girls were hopping around the house on a Sunday afternoon playing "merdaids". I am so glad that our girls are such good friends and that they like to play with each other.

Nana knit William some baby UGG boots. They turned out so darn cute! He is such a spoiled little man.

My mother was cleaning out closets and she MADE me take home my 1st wedding dress. The girls were so excited about putting it on and looking pretty. I think they put it on everyday for almost a week. I had to take it to get cleaned so if anyone knows someone who needs a dress I can give them a deal!

William loves the sink bath. He splashes and screams and has sooo much fun. I think he got camera shy (notice the position of his hand).

Another Window Well

9:38 AM Sunday, February 03, 2008