Random Happenings at our house

1:54 PM Friday, January 30, 2009

For Johnny's birthday I got him a locking filing cabinet from Ikea. He needed a place to put all of his geneology stuff so the kids would stop playing with it. Once John opened the box and sorted all of the goodies, William was in there with his "tools" and ready to help. I think he can smell the metal tools are made of because he is the first one to be in the room to help.

When I run in the mornings it has become routine to let Will and Char have their turns "running" on the treadmill. They each have a turn then then they do it together. They love to play together and it is so fun to watch them become closer as friends.
One Sunday afternoon Char, John and I made cookies to pass some time. The girls *Love* their aprons and look forward to the chances they get to wear them. Thanks Nana!

William is being our Pretty Pretty Princess. Since he only has sisters and we have quite a few girl toys, he tends to play with them. If the girls are playing with babies, Will is too. He loves to carry purses, wear lipstick, and he wears the princess high heels. We are not worried by the least because he thinks he can shoot a gun and loves to play with his "goo goo's" (trains). What a joy he has been.
P.S. notice the earring :)

This 11" wood plaque will be the next craft for Crafters Group. I painted it a dark forest green, used crackle, then painted it with a cream color so the green would show through. The writing is in a dark green and the clover is gold. The cost for this craft will be $10 and I will provide EVERYTHING! We will do this on February 11th at Noon so I can have enough time to get the wood cut. You can display this project by putting it on an easel or you can glue some ribbon on the back and use it as a wall hanging. Come and enjoy the ladies and munchies and paint your little hearts to death. If you want to change the colors of vinyl for this piece, I am happy to accomodate you. I have white, lime green, grass green, dark green, beige, gold, black, yellow and I think those are the only colors you would want for this project. If you want to do this project but can't make it, please let me know and I can make it for you, or just provide everything you will need to complete it at home. Just leave me a comment and let me know if you will be there and how many you want to make.

They say its your Birthday....

10:51 AM Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here's to my sweet husband. Almost 6 years ago John came into mine and Emily's lives and we have never made a better decision than to have him with us forever. He is the BEST husband and is the sweetest man to me and our kids. We are so lucky to have John as our husband, dada, daddy, friend, provider, confidont, and My Best Friend. Happy Birthday my dear sweet husband and I hope your day is fabulous.

P.S. He is actually outside in the garage doing some electrical work with a neighbor and I think this is exactly what he would consider a good Birthday.

Viva Las Vegas

1:46 PM Saturday, January 17, 2009

John and I got to go to Las Vegas for a work Conference for 3 days. It was fun for me and not quite as exciting for Johnny. We stayed at a hotel called Red Rock Resort in Summerlin. It was 30 minutes away from the strip, so it was out there. It was really nice with a huge swimming pool, bowling, movie theaters, 9 different restaurants, GAMBLING, and a spa. We got to the resort around noon and it was time for John to start his meetings and time for me to find a friend. One of the other managers brought his wife so we went to lunch and I FINALLY saw Twilight for the first time! I know I am the last female in the world to see it and I loved it! I did go in with low expectations due to all of the people who have seen it, but I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see New Moon. These are a few pictures of us in our room.

John has been working so hard this year and has been doing an AWESOME job! He has been working towards earning Presidents Club to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The honorees were announced in Las Vegas and we are going to Cabo!!! We are so excited and can't wait to go and play on the beach for FREE!!!

John was finished with his meetings early on Friday, so we headed to the strip before our plane left for home. It is a must when I go to LV that we go visit the dancing waters at the Bellagio. I have always loved this spectacle, but I love it even more since Johnny proposed to me there.

Crafters Group

9:56 AM Sunday, January 04, 2009

This is the craft for the month. These wood hearts will be a cute addition to your home for Valentines Day. I Mod Podged paper on them and used some glitter and ribbon to spruce them up. This craft is $10 and that includes the wood hearts, dowel sticks, wood blocks. I only ask that you bring paper, Mod Podge, and embellishments (glitter, wire, buttons, ribbon) and paint. I will have all of those things here if you need. Large heart stands at 18" and the small is 14". I will doing Crafters Group on Monday January 12th at 11am. Please let me know if you will be coming ASAP so I can get the wood.

Johnny got us a new treadmill. He had had enough of me begging and complaining, so he caved. It has been really nice to go downstairs at 10am and run while the kids play. That way I can sleep in and be lazy a little longer. I am training for a race later this year and I don't want to start my progress over when the weather permits to run outside. So if anyone needs to get a run in and needs a babysitter, come on over - I'm free too!

The kids were outside playing in the snow a few days ago. The wind has blown alot of the snow in the back corner so it made for a great sledding hill. The hill was just above the tramp, so as they went down they went onto the tramp. So fun! William LOVES him Em, and was crying when she was outside without him. I got him all bundled up and sent him to play with his Em. Well, as you can see he did not like the snow very much.
Emily and Charlotte were having so much fun playing and building things in the snow. What sweet sisters.

I had these cushions made for Emily's window seat. They turned out really cute and now she has somewhere to sit while playing with her Polly's. Her room is slowly coming together and just a few more things, like blinds, and she will be done!

This is the latest piece I hung in her room. It is over bed and I thought this statement is so true when it comes to by sweet Emily.

So the nights started out with some food and good conversation and then the Alvords showed up. It went down hill from there. Here is Jim a little drunk off of the pizza and Pepsi. Then he got his daughter in on the action.

Little twin got a little roudy after Jim pumped her full of strawberry lemonade. It was quite the party at the Knotwell's

The kids started a rock band and it was absolute mayhem. They were having so much fun it was hard for the men to get a turn in.
Here is young William rockin a beat on the drums. He loved this game and cried when the Nagels took it home. I think daddy has a little surprise up his sleeve for Mr. William :)

New Year's Eve

7:33 PM Thursday, January 01, 2009

We had a great time bringing in the New Year (at 10pm) last night and want to wish all of our readers and friends a Happy New Year and hope you can keep your resolutions and stay healthy and happy. We plan on not going to the ER atleast until summer :)

By the way, I started out my new year with a nice chilly 3 mile run with my "girls", it felt so good to get outside and run again. I may be running on my treadmill for the next few days with the snow lurking.