Jr., III, and IV

3:46 PM Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When we had John's dad come visit we FINALLY got a 3 generations picture taken. I know I should have posted back in the beginning of July, but this is really the first chance I have had to do this. What a handsome group of men!

On July 26th my beautiful Mom turned 60 years young. We surprised her and had my long lost brother and his family come to Utah for the weekend. She was so surprised to have them here and to have the whole family together. We celebrated by having family pictures taken up at our cabin. My girlfriend Michelle took the pictures and we had so much fun doing them. The last time we all got together Kattrina, Kari and I were all prego with the baby boys. Thanks for all of the help from the siblings for putting on this wild party for Mom!

I will post more pics when John gets done with manipulating them!

As you all know or should, that I have taken up knitting. I took a class and really enjoyed it so I signed up for another class in August. To keep me up on the knitting lingo I made a hat for my cute baby. He loves it! Charlotte asked me everytime I sat down to knit Will's hat if I was going to make her one. I am working on it now and I will reveal the final product in due time. I am going to learn how to make flowers for her hat. Stay tuned for some cuteness!


1:55 PM Monday, July 21, 2008

When I was a young pup I took dance, like most little girls. My mom saved my costumes all these years (Iknow there are alot) and I have taken them over. My girls love to dress up in them and perform. Emily had them on yesterday so I took some pics. She is so freakin cute!

Yesterday we made stepping stones for our yard. The girls had so much fun decorating them and putting their hands in the cement. William could have done without it. We put his foot in there to make the mold and his little toes curled up and made a large hole. They turned out so cute.

These are the final products.

First Pickins

5:21 PM Monday, July 14, 2008

I was out fertilizing our garden and to my surprise I found tomatoes! We have three plants total and this is the first to produce. I love to watch our garden grow and produce!

4th of July

12:44 PM Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy late 4th of July to all. This year our family was able to get Papa (John's dad) out here for the weekend. He got here on Thursday and is leaving today. We have had so much fun having him here playing with the kiddos and visiting our favorite spot in the summer, the cabin. We headed down to the cabin on Thursday night after Emily was picked up by Jared. Emily got to go to Bear Lake for the weekend, Lucky! Friday morning as tradition we went to the Provo City parade. We get the same spot every year have enjoy the parade every year. Our friends Dayna and Sienna go with us every year and we love that they do.

After the parade we went and secured ourselves some tubes to go down the Provo. My mom has never floated the river so she decided to come with us. What an adventure! We did really well until the train truss. The guides told us to get out at the bridge walk around it and then get back in. They call the train trusses the "Bridge of Death." Well my mom and I didn't have enough time to get out so we went under the bridge of death and barely survived it. I was off my tube and so was my mom and we made it to the side bend just beyond the bridge. John came over to make sure we were okay and he tried to help us get back into our tubes. Well my mom got into hers just as we got swept away and I was still hanging on for dear life when my sweet husband was telling me that there was a large log in the river and we were going to run into it. The adrenaline was rushing and I got my butt in that tube in record speed. The rest of the river was alot calmer and we got out with no problem. By the time we were done all of our arms were rubbed raw from paddling the water. My mom's is the worst by far. Her whole inside of her arms were raw and bleeding. My arms are raw inside by the elbow. We for sure are doing it again in August if anyone is up to the challenge! I didn't get any pictures of all of us so here are some pics of John and his dad John being silly.

Later that evening we went to Midway to watch the fireworks with our friends. We always buy a pack and do some before the big show. The kids loved it and I know John had fun puting on the show.

Thank You

6:27 PM Wednesday, July 02, 2008

William has been saying thank you for the last few days. I asked him to say it for the video and he did, but I have yet to hear it since. I didn't know boys are just as fickle as girls are.