Emily's biography on Nancy Reagan

2:49 PM Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In third grade the students have been working on their biography's. Emily chose Nancy Reagan. She was so excited that she was the wife of John's favorite President. She had alot of fun preparing her presentation in class and preparing herself for the Wax Museum. The students got to dress up like their subject and prepare a 20 second speech for the parents and other students. She did such a great job and I'm sure she got a perfect grade on it.

This week in Preschool the kids have been learning about butterflies. They talked about how they become butterflies, what they eat, and they talked about the different types of butterflies. She came home with her face painted and she looked so cute. I just LOVE her preschool teacher, Miss Amy, and highly recommend her if anyone is looking.

The new Charlotte Rose

2:36 PM Monday, June 22, 2009

Charlotte loves to cut her own hair. I told her the last time she did it that I would cut her hair like a boy. Well, she got scissors for her birthday and she hid under the table and had a hay day. We took her on Monday and had it cut into this bob. It looks so cute on her and it reminds me of her sister when she got her hair cut the same way at her same age. Charlotte thought she was going to look so ugly with her new hair. She told me she was going to go to school and say, "I everyone I am ugly and look at my new hair." Well she ran into school and was so excited about how cute she was.

Cinderella came to Charlotte's party and it was so much fun. The girls were in awe. She did some really cute magic tricks with a black bunny and a white dove. She even put the dove on Charlotte's head so she could have a hat on. The girls loved every second with her and they were all really good. She had the girls dance in the bubbles and asked the girls to dance different dances. Those girls are really a crack up.

Cinderella made balloon animals for the kids. She made whatever the girls wanted and they were a hit!

After the bubbles and ballooon animals, she painted the girls faces. Some girls had their faces painted while we were waiting for all of the princesses to show up. The girls loved the glitter and jewels she put on them.

Even the big girls wanted their faces painted.

We had Charlotte blow out her candles and we sang to her. I think the girls had a good time with Charlotte and Cinderella. We sure did!

Here is my Sweet Charlotte Rose with Cinderella. We had a great day and can't wait for next year when we have NO birthday parties across the board.

Emily and Charlotte wanted to sleep in the tent the night before Char's Birthday. Probably not the best idea due to the fact that Char didn't get very much sleep, but they had fun anyway.

Happy Birthday Charlotte Rose!

11:07 PM Saturday, June 13, 2009

On June 13th, 2005, Miss Charlotte Rose was born. I remember the day like it was yesterday, but somehow it seems so long ago. Charlotte is the sweetest little girl. Whenever I come home from work, she's the first one to run to the door to give her daddy a hug. She surprises us everyday with some of the spunky things she says and does. I remember her falling asleep on my arm as a baby (we called her a monkey on a branch) and she still does this today - although not on my arm so much as in my arms. My favorite memories of our little girl are those where she is a great big sister and a wonderful daughter. Happy birthday sweet baby girl!

Cute Girls

9:08 PM Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My cute girls.
I know some of you are getting update emails and you can't find the updates. I have changed the dates so the events are chronological. I have also added a new item to my Vinyl Girl Blog. You can become a follower of my blog and when I update you will be notified.