Happy Birthday Mr. William!

8:45 AM Friday, March 28, 2008

Today is my sweet little boys 1st birthday. I remember this day so vividly-like it was yesterday. So, for that very reason, we will not be having a baby as close as we did with Charlotte and Will. Will has been the funnest little guy to have around. He is so happy and loves to wander through the house and explore. I am excited to see him grow more and learn more.

Walking William

4:34 PM Saturday, March 22, 2008

Will has been walking for awhile now. Well, from one couch to the other and so on. Now that his collar bone is fractured, it hurts too bad to crawl. He walks all over the house now exploring the great unknown. He has been so much fun to watch.

We have been working on our basement for about a year. I think I am safe saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I took some pictures to show off the progress being made. The trim is just about finished and that leaves caulking, paint, and carpet!! If any of you know someone who likes to do caulk, let me know. I will post with more!

This is Emily's room. John built in a window seat, built in bookshelves and a built in desk.
Lucky Girl!

Here is Emily's nice large closet with a built in dresser.

The bathroom downstairs is nicer than the bathrooms upstairs! We had it tiled and it

looks SO good!

Here is the main room with all of the mess and tools.
The finish guy made our fireplace mantel. It still needs to be stained, but it is very pretty and very well made.

On Wednesday the neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt. Alot of the little ones were there to snatch up their yummy treats. It was alot of fun and certainly not the only one this year.

Broken Collar Bone

9:11 AM Friday, March 21, 2008

So on Monday I was at my friends house doing some Visiting Teaching and letting William walk around like he usually does. Well, Will thinks he is sooo big and he wanted to go down the stairs like a big boy. I was getting up to get to him when he took a dive down 4 stairs. He cried liked any other child would but didn't think anything of it. He wasn't acting like himself so I took him in to the doctor on Tuesday. We then ended up picking up dad and going to St. Marks to get
X-Rays of his collar bone. Well, it is fractured and there is not alot we can do. He is the first one to break anything in this family, so we are doing pretty good I think.

Four years ago (yesterday) John and I got married. This is quite a milestone for us. We are so happy and can't wait to celebrate lots more. John has been telling me for weeks that we are going to the Jazz game because he is the only management in town. Needless to say I was not very excited. We drove to The Gateway thinking we were just going to park there and walk. But to my great surprise John had someone else go to the game for him and he took me to Biaggi's and we went shopping! It was so fun and I loves spending time with him without the kiddos.

More pics from Sunday

10:30 AM Friday, March 14, 2008

Charlotte has discovered chewing gum. In almost every picture her gum is hanging out of her mouth. She is really funny, when you ask her to smile for the camera she scrunches up her face and puckers her mouth. What a cheeseball!

Can you say, "Vogue strike a pose?" Emily is really camera shy and we are trying to get her out of her shell.

Last Sunday we went outside and played on the wiggle car and rode bikes and scooters. The girls had so much fun just playing outside for a while. John and I took turns riding the wiggle car and then the girls took turns riding it. What a fun day being together. Were is Will you ask? He is inside nice and warm taking a nap.

Charlotte and her friend Ellie Green went to the red carpent event to welcome the Disney Princesses to the ESA on Wednesday. They came in horse drawn carriages and wooed the crowd of happy little girls. Charlotte and Ellie loved every second of it.

The Arizona Holts

8:36 PM Sunday, March 02, 2008

It was a blast for us to see these cute kiddies while we were down in Arizona. Kari, I have lots of these so I'll send them down your way soon.

Emily went to Disneyland with her dad's family this past week. She had soooo much fun, although she wouldn't ride anything that she did a couple of years ago when we went (Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion).
She came back with some fun things and lots of memories. We're glad to have her home.