House Update

8:17 PM Monday, November 21, 2005

Master Bath (Porpoise)
Master Bedroom (Silver Sage)
Charlottes bedroom. (Spring Morning)
Kitchen (counter tops will be put in once the plumber is there to cut holes for the sinks) (Latte)
Main Bath (Mandarin)

Well, the house is finally starting to look like a house. After painting, finish carpentry, cabinets and partial flooring installation we can really see the end coming. Rumor has it that the electrian was back in today installing outlets and lighting fixtures. The stucco company wrapped the house today as well. Maybe we'll have a close rendition at Thanksgiving! Here are some updated interior pictures. The exterior still looks the same as before.
Emily's bedroom is special. We are putting in bead board 5 feet from the floor. The top 3 feet of the wall will be purple. It has been painted, but we haven't put the board in yet so we will update with that when finished.
Finally, the other parts of the house have been painted the same Latte color as the kitchen. The house looks colonial in some respects and calming all the way through (except the girls bathroom - which will wake you up if you're drowsy).

New Politics Blog

9:58 PM Saturday, November 05, 2005

I've decided that my political views and my family don't really mix well in a blog. So, I've created a new blog where I can "rant and rave" without ruining the mood of the family updates. You can find my political blog here. You can always find a link to that site from our blog in the links section. If you enjoy the political babble, you'll find your kicks there.


The front corner of the home.
This picture is standing at the SE corner of the property. The bay window is the master bedroom. The window next to it is the master bath.
The porch will have vinyl railing on it. There is no cement yet (there are shortages of cement powder here in Utah).
This is taken from the garage looking toward the SE corner of our property. The first window you can see is Emily's room, the second window is Charlotte's room and the final window is Master Bathroom.
This is a shot taken from the SW corner of the property. The larger window is in our "nook" the smaller window is the kitchen. The porch can be seen at the far left of the picture.

Our house was sheet-rocked on Thursday. We should have mud soon!

Charlotte has been having so much fun having real food that we thought we would share some pictures with all of you. She really loves green beans.