Learning about Butterflies

9:46 AM Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This week in Preschool the kids have been learning about butterflies. They talked about how they become butterflies, what they eat, and they talked about the different types of butterflies. She came home with her face painted and she looked so cute. I just LOVE her preschool teacher, Miss Amy, and highly recommend her if anyone is looking.


  1. She looks wonderful. Nana and Papa says that she doesn't have to wash her face for at least a week...okay when Mom and Dad says she has to.


  2. I love you hair cut! If McKelle whacks at her hair, I think I would die! I want it long at 4, cuz I am planning on taking a portrait pic of her...

    Charlotte looks so cute with the bob!

    Me in a nut shell

  3. How fun is that?!?! People pay big buck for that at Disneyland and you got it included in your preschool tuition ... sweet deal :)


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