The Cradle

9:25 AM Sunday, April 01, 2007

The cradle that you see in the picture was hand crafted by William's Great Great Grandfather, Ivan Rivers Knotwell for his first child, William John Knotwell. It has been in the family for 107 years and still looks fantastic. Young William will be spending a lot of time in it over the new few months. For 107 years Knotwell children have slept in this cradle... William's Great Grandfather, his grandfather and all his Knotwell aunts and uncle and many of his cousins... quite a legacy.
My mom is a wiz with needle and thread and made the bumpers you see. She also made the quilt that is resting on the side of the cradle. I'll get a better picture of the quilt up in the next day or so. She has made quilts for all our children and I hope to inspire them to pass along those heirlooms to their children and beyond.


  1. It's really amazing that cradle is still around and in such good condition. It looks like Will likes it just fine!

    emily a.

  2. It is truly a wonderous joy to see that Knotwell chin in such a small and perfect form again! God bless you all and help to cherish each moment of the love He has blessed you with. Muriel

    Muriel Bryant

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