Will Scoots

3:31 PM Saturday, November 17, 2007

Will scooted for the first time on November 7th. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks now as well, he'll be crawling soon.


  1. Totally adorable ... I just wanna eat him up!! Crawling ... I fear the day (which also won't be too far for us)!! Then I've really got to worry about my stairs!!!!


  2. That looks suspiciously like a marine crawl....Papa might have something to say about that. Actually, Will's daddy did that same maneuver just before he crawled for the first time. You go, Will!


  3. He is so cute! It is so funny how the figure out this crazy maneuver to propel themselves forward! Wait till he's up on hands and knees then he'll be moving too fast!!


  4. I love it! How cute is little William?! I say adoreable! He'll be boot-scootin before too long!

    The Balls

  5. Surely Will can do more that scoot and clap now?! Would love an update when you can dig yourself out of your basement (she says who also has not updated her blog in ages)!!


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