Jr., III, and IV

3:46 PM Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When we had John's dad come visit we FINALLY got a 3 generations picture taken. I know I should have posted back in the beginning of July, but this is really the first chance I have had to do this. What a handsome group of men!


  1. This is a treasure for sure!

    emily a.

  2. They are definitely a group of handsome men! I am next on the list for a hat, k? So cute. Good job learning something new.


  3. That is a beautiful picture and one that will be cherished forever ... glad you finally got it taken!


  4. What a handsome group of men? I love them all!


  5. John and John look so much a like! I'm sure Will, will be the same!


  6. Such a cute pic! Hey where do you take these knitting classes? They sound like fun!


  7. Three handsome guys...and a great sepia-tone photo. You da man Johnnie.

    Derek White

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