1:55 PM Monday, July 21, 2008

When I was a young pup I took dance, like most little girls. My mom saved my costumes all these years (Iknow there are alot) and I have taken them over. My girls love to dress up in them and perform. Emily had them on yesterday so I took some pics. She is so freakin cute!


  1. Wow! Em sure is freakin' cute! What a wonderful gift to your children....


  2. You do such fun stuff with your kiddos. How did you think of the stepping stone idea? I hope you had a great birthday party. It was fun. Sorry those steaks were so whimpy!!! Enjoy eating more food this week, John!!!


  3. Love it, love it Jill. I can so picture you in those little outfits. Did you remember any of your old routines?


  4. So Fun! I was the biggest dresser upper my whole life... ( even in my teens) Hillary

    Me in a nut shell

  5. Gotta love the "vintage" costumes - I'm surprised YOU weren't trying them on!


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