Emily First Day of School

11:57 AM Thursday, August 28, 2008

Emily started 3rd grade 2 weeks ago. I know I am a slacker mom and posting really late. She is loving her teacher and her class. She really is growing up so fast and it has been so fun to watch her learn and get more responsible. Charlotte had to wear her shoes and socks like her Emy and pose with her too.


  1. You have some beautiful young ladies!


  2. Wow Emily you are getting so big!! I remember third grade really well. I had one of my favorite teachers in third grade. I can tell Charlotte really looks up to you. That's pretty neat. You two are such sweet beautiful girls.

    The Dalton Family

  3. Super cute for the first day of school ... like we'd expect anything less ;) Kendyl always wants to get in on the first day pics - next year she can be "official." She gets her first day pics on Tuesday!!


  4. I simply cannot believe how fast you are growing, Em. And Char is coming along right behind you. I'd always wished I had a sister...lucky you, Emily!


  5. Fun, Fun!! She looks super cute!


  6. Cute girls!

    I keep waiting for you to post something on your blog so I can come over here and sass you back for all the snarky comments you keep leaving me. Ha! But I just can't do it. I guess I'm nicer than you. :) Love your guts!


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