My latest knitting project

4:59 PM Saturday, August 16, 2008

I promised to showcase the hat I made for Charlotte, so here it is. She loves it and wears it all of the time. I am going to make a flower that will go on the side, so I will post that when I get it done. My mom-in-law Sally is going to give me a lesson over the phone on how to make them. I am actually taking another knitting class and learning how to make knitted UGG's called SNUGGS. This one will take me a while so don't hold your breath for a post in the near future. with those.


  1. The hat is SO cute! Was it difficult to make?


  2. Oh, my gosh! You are coming along nicely. That hat is so darned cute. Can hardly wait to see the Snuggs! Kepp up your practicing.


  3. Looks good. I can't quite tell if she is thinking, "Ok, I will wear the hat,mom." or if she is thinking, "Cool hat, mom!" :) Either way, it is way cute.


  4. Looks adorable!! Perfectly stitched and all ;)


  5. Jill that's so cute! Gosh you're crafty.


  6. Jill- you are still my knitting inspiration-- even though I haven't done a thing to get myself started. Her hat is just too cute!!


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