Where have we been?

2:06 PM Monday, March 23, 2009

I know we haven't blogged in a while and I am so sorry about that. I know all of my 10 readers have been anxiously awaiting my next post. We haven't been too busy to blog, just too lazy. We did go to Lowe's and get an indoor planting experiment to see if we could start our garden with seeds. It is sitting in our closet germinating and I can't wait to sneak a peek tomorrow. I will keep you all updated as to the progress of our veggies. We planted carrots, 2 different kinds of tomatos, cherry tomatos, cucumber, peas, and a variety of flowers. John and Charlotte planted the seeds and I kept a log as to what is where. It is so fun to see the girls get so excited about the garden.


  1. At least you've updated more than once since January ... you could be REALLY lame like me :)


  2. Now Papa will have someone to help him plant his garden. He LOVES helpers!


  3. Look at you green thumbs!!! Every plant I touch dies as well as fish!


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