Happy Birthday Mr. William

9:00 PM Saturday, March 28, 2009

William was such a good baby and he has kept that up so far. He is talking so much more these days and has so much personality. He loves to play his "gigar" (guitar) from the Wii and he has recently learned how to play the air guitar - video coming. He loves his trains, guns, dirt, sisters, playing dress-up and babies, jumping on the tramp, eating sugar and cookies, telling his mom-mom and da-da that he loves them and asking for gum and money. He learns so fast and is alot brighter than I give him credit for. He has been a great addition to our family and look forward to what comes out of his little mouth next.


  1. Oh man, that is a funny picture, he is so cute. It's like he is trying his hardest to make the most masculin face possbile while wearing his pretty dress. LOVE IT!


  2. That's one good lookin' dude.

    John Knotwell

  3. haha that is a cute picture. Oh he is getting so big. Happy Birthday dude, hope it was a fun one!


  4. Happy Birthday William! You are handsome and smart and an all-around super dude!!!


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    The Quiet One

  6. It's amazing how fast they grow! I'm not sure he likes the "dress" up so much, but that is a good thing!


  7. Happy Birthday Will, love the dress! I can't believe it has been two years!


  8. Oh William. . .such a stud! I still remember the day you sat by me in sunday school, you little flirt you. Such the cutest personality! Happy Birthday!!

    The Dalton Family

  9. Oh, little Will ... hope your birthday was extra fun and that you got a tiara of your own :) *LOVE* that mug of yours!!! Can't wait to smooch it again!


  10. So cute. I love that little boy. It's amazing how much he looks like you, Jill in the top picture, and he resembles his dad in the lower one! :)


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