Another stamp on the old Passport

5:08 PM Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We decided to head over to Vernal, UT for a fun weekend of Dinosaur hunting. John, my Dad, and I got up early on Saturday and did a session in the temple while my Mom played with the kids. After the temple, we got in the car and started our hunt.

We were at the Quarry and Charlotte wanted to be a Jr. Paleontologist and a Jr Ranger at the Dinosaur Monument. She had a packet of activities she needed to complete before she could be sworn in. She got two badges and a certificate.
After the Quarry, we drove the museum with the bones and other displays. They had a movie to watch and they had digging stations for the kids to play in.

All around the museum, in and out, they had prehistoric mammals displayed. We all loved to see how life like they really were.


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