Fourth of July

10:47 AM Monday, July 06, 2009

When we go visit the cabin it is almost certain that we head up to Sundance. It is always fun to get a sucker and go sit by the small lake and people watch. We play in the water and run around on the grass and just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Then morning of the 4th I ran in the Freedom Run 5k. It was fun and pretty warm at 7am. I finished under 30 min (which is always my goal) and met up with Johnny at the finish line and headed over to the parade. Did you happen to notice the hideous race shirts my $25 got me? Will NEVER be wearing this shirt in my life or the next.
We have had the tradition to go see the Provo City Parade and we always sit in front of Prove HS. Our good friends Dayna and Sienna come with us and my parents.

On Sunday we were just enjoying our books and what have you and someone came and told us there were two moose in the camp. We ran down to the next cabin and low and behold the two moose were walking down the creek looking for food. They walked through yards of cabins and walked across the creek to the road, but ended up staying on our side of the water. It was really fun to watch them and have them so close.
We have church up there and during the meeting the moose came into the big field and played on the swing set.... J/k. They sauntered over to the back of the highway and I'm sure they climbed the mountain back home.


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