August 2009

1:45 PM Monday, August 31, 2009

Miranda came to live with us in August and its been so great having her here. She is the biggest help and loves to play with the kids. Our lives have changed forever having her here and we wouldn't change this experience for anything. Side note: This is also her first day of being a 12th grader at Riverton High.

I decided that is was time for William to be a big boy and so we took down his crib and made him sleep in a toddler bed. He wasn't so sure at first and had a few rough nights, but he managed to tough it out and now that is his bed. Unless he is on our floor.

Emily started her 4th grade career this year and was so excited to learn that she was in a portable. She loves her teacher and has alot of her same friends in her class. She is so fun to have around and its a quiet house when she is in school.

I know, we are the biggest dorks and took pics of her waiting to go into her classroom. I'm sure in the next few years she will be running from us and hiding.

Char was born with a small murmur type thing in her heart and we needed to have her 3 year check up.... or 4 year check up. She was so brave and loved all of the attention she got. She got to wear a sweet gown and of course at PCMC she made out like a bandit and got loads of crap to bring home.

This is her getting ready to have her heart looked at.
Can you tell she really hates this? Her little heart is perfect and there is no need for us to go back in the future.
You all know that the Knotwell family is on a quest to visit as many National Parks as possible in our lifetime. John has a great love for the National Park system and has spread that love to our children. They now ask each time we go on a trip if they need hiking shoes for the park we are going to visit.
We decided to stay close to home this time and go to Timpanogas Cave. I haven't been up there for a while and thought it couldn't be that bad for the kids to hike. Uh, I was wrong. As you can see, William was done maybe 20 minutes into the hike. But thanks to the backpack and Miranda and Hercules type muscles, we made it to the top.

Once inside we took the tour and saw all of the natural wonder in the cave. This is the "heart of the cave" and it was breathtaking. It was a fun morning and we're ready to do it again.
See, we did survive the hike!


  1. Handsome little man there. And who are those other brown people?

    John Knotwell

  2. Jill! It was so fun to see your comment on Sisters' Cafe! I love that you have a blog so I can keep up on you. ANd your family is so cute. I just about died when I saw how big Emily is. She's beautiful! So is Char and William is so cute, too. Your pictures are great. I've been dying to go to TImpanogas Cave. We seriously live 5 min from the visitor's center, but I still haven't been. Pathetic. Maybe this summer...

    Griffin Christensen

  3. Oh, shoot. I was signed in as Griff again. That was me above, not my husband. :)


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