September 2009

6:26 PM Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September was a full month like every other one. I volunteered on the PTA for our school and was on the Reflections committee. I, of course, strongly encouraged Emily to enter in the contest. The theme was "Beauty is.." and when asking her what she thought she said, "Freedom". She and John then headed up to the Capitol Building and took some snap shots of the flag, the grounds, and of the building. After judging took place, she was a finalist. She was so excited and we were so proud of her. She didn't make it to District level, but it was such a great memory for her.

Labor Day is ALWAYS a favorite of mine. Growing up we went to Swiss Days in Midway every year, and now my family goes every year as well. It is the best tradition and each year it ends, I start counting down to the next. On Labor Day this year we headed up to Deer Creek and did some boating with my sister and her family and some dear friends. The kids enjoyed the beach and some time on the boat, while the adults enjoyed the sun and either knee boarding or skiing. It was windy as usual, but a fabulous day!

John has always wanted to visit Mt. Rushmore and I wasn't about to take the 12 hour drive with the kids for a 3 day trip. So he went alone. He had a wonderful time and was able to visit some amazing sites.

John surprised me again and took me to Denver for a weekend jont. If any of you have been there you know that a weekend is plenty of time to spend there. It was a beautiful city, but not much going on there. We visited the Temple, shopped on the main street, saw a movie, and had a delectable dinner. It was awesome to get away and spend some time with my sweet husband.

We went to a Botanical Garden while visiting and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. They had different climate plants there, with amazing water features and gorgeous flowers. What a treat!


  1. John drove all the way to Mt. Rushmore on his own? Crazy man.

    Love the water pictures- your girls are so cute.

    emily a.

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