The 7 Month Old Tank

5:20 PM Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This little guy is one of our favorite people ever. He's growing up much faster than we'd like. He can sit up, put his sucker in his mouth and take it out all by himself and now has two bottom teeth. He lost his full head of baby hair and now it's starting to come back in. Pretty much the kid is a stud muffin. I know I'm his dad and I'm really, really, really biased, but come on... look at him?

It's going to be rough teaching him that "there's more to life than being really, really, really, really ridiculously good looking." (Name the movie in the comment section for additional bonus points).

We're excited for little Hewstie to have his first Christmas. We've decided to just give him a box, a bow and some peppermint ice cream. That ought to about do him in for the season. We've been trying to predict what sizes he will wear during the really cold parts of our winter here and we've decided that since he's 95% in ever category, we're advancing his clothes size to 12 months! Hope you're all having as much fun this holiday season as the Utah Knotwell's are!


  1. Ok Zoolander. What a truly HANDSOME Grandson. Definitely, my favorite Tank!


  2. That kid is just cute.

    Derek White

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