Larry the Elf

6:17 PM Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elf on the Shelf has become a popular pastime in the Knotwell household this season. Each night, Larry (the kids fondly gave him his name) goes home to the North Pole to report on the happenings in our home. When he returns sometime during the night, he's in a different place in the house. The kids (especially William and Charlotte) love to find Larry first thing in the morning.

Larry is an important Elf. You see, his job is to let Santa know which one of us has been naughty and nice. The kids are frequently hearing, "Do you want Larry to tell Santa that you've been naughty today?" "You know what happens to kids who are on the naughty list, right? Yep, you get rocks in your stocking."

We're really excited to see where he will end up tomorrow morning. We hope each of you are being "nice" this Christmas season because Larry and his friends might be hiding in your house without you even knowing!


  1. I have another friend who has an "elf on the shelf" at her house and the kids' preschool teacher always had one, too ... LOVE the idea!!! Looks like I need to go find myself an elf!


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