Broken Collar Bone

9:11 AM Friday, March 21, 2008

So on Monday I was at my friends house doing some Visiting Teaching and letting William walk around like he usually does. Well, Will thinks he is sooo big and he wanted to go down the stairs like a big boy. I was getting up to get to him when he took a dive down 4 stairs. He cried liked any other child would but didn't think anything of it. He wasn't acting like himself so I took him in to the doctor on Tuesday. We then ended up picking up dad and going to St. Marks to get
X-Rays of his collar bone. Well, it is fractured and there is not alot we can do. He is the first one to break anything in this family, so we are doing pretty good I think.


  1. Oh! So sad, that's why he wanted you to hold and cuddle him the whole time we were their Monday! :(
    I hope he gets better soon!!!


  2. Oops my frowny face got demented!


  3. Poor Munchkinn Will! His daddy broke his wrist in the 1st grade (I think it was the 1st grade) Will is keeping the tradition going. Hugs, Little Man (careful hugs!) Love you, Nana & Papa


  4. Oh, that is so sad! I hope he heals fast.

    emily a.

  5. I broke mine when I was not too much older than Will and look how I turned out (okay, I know that's probably not very reassuring)!! Heal quickly, little one ... {{{{HUGS}}}} comin' atcha from AZ ;)


  6. Poor Kid! I hope he feels better soon!! We are excited that our little trip is coming up soon! See you in a few days!


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