The Arizona Holts

8:36 PM Sunday, March 02, 2008

It was a blast for us to see these cute kiddies while we were down in Arizona. Kari, I have lots of these so I'll send them down your way soon.


  1. Those are some adorable children!!! So glad you got to come - we loved having you here! Maybe next time you'll get to bring the kiddos. BTW- *LOVE* the new header!! The entire new look is fabulous ;) And thanks for taking off the automatic playlist ... I always have to rush to turn those off when I'm blog surfing at 1 AM so I don't wake up the kids!!


  2. Great group of kids. I too think the new header is great. You have such a wonderful site.


  3. Great pics from the eye surgery! You are a hoot! I love the new family picture. What a cute family you have! Lucky Emily, I want to go to Disneyland! One more thing...cute blog background where did you get it?

    The Balls

  4. Those Holt children sure are cute. The girls look just like Kari and Cougar is a Holt thru-an-thru! Love the new Header!


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