The Big Day!

1:18 PM Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Emily was baptized on May 3, 2008 by her dad John Knotwell. Both of her families were there to celebrate this special day. She was so nervous about getting baptized that she was in tears before she walked out to get in the water. We had to take a couple of deep breaths and calm her down. I think she was crying because I started crying when I saw her in her white jumpsuit. I was so proud of her and I had remembered my special day oh so many decades ago. Once she got baptized, she was all smiles and ready to be a member of our church. John and I gave her some new scriptures for her baptism and she was so excited to start reading them and marking them. We explained that she should mark the versus that made her feel happy and think about Jesus. So I went in to check on her while she was reading and she had marked a scripture. I looked over to read the verse and the verse was 1 Nephi 1:2. After you read this verse you will see why this is so cute.


  1. What a cute girl and a special day!

    emily a.

  2. I started crying when she was baptized, I am such a boob! Kylie keeps asking when she gets to do it! She also was bummed when she couldn't raise her hand during Papa Ed's talk, since she hasn't been baptized yet! I didn't even realize she was paying attention! We love Emily and are so proud of her!


  3. How sweet is she? What a little doll! Glad she had a great b-day!


  4. SO cUTE!!!

    Casey and Whitney MCkell

  5. So wishing we could have been there for her special day! Love the pics :) We are all so proud of you, Em!!!


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