Emily's Birthday

1:03 PM Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Emily had such a fun birthday. She woke up to having the kitchen all decorated for a party. Charlotte was funny when she saw the kitchen, she came into our bedroom and said " Gankgoo (thank you) for my party!" She had fun helping Em open her gifts. Emily loves playing in the swimming pool, so we got her some snorkeling gear. She is also learning to tell time so while in New York we scored a sweet deal on a knock off watch. Emily has really been into cooking things and helping with dinner. Her Nana made her the CUTEST apron just her size. The picture certainly does not do it justice. John and I surprised Em and checked her out of school and took her to Red Robin for lunch. We figured since we couldn't go out to dinner for her birthday, this would be just as fun. Emily got to go with her dad Jared that evening and have yet another party. She got to go to the Mayan and watch the half naked men jump off the cliffs. She has become such a beautiful girl and I love watching her grow and learn.


  1. She is a beautiful girl, and she will always make me smile with that sense of humor and spirit that resembles her mother!!! Luv you guys.


  2. Super Fun, I would have loved to checked out of school! After seeing the giant poster of Zach Effron on Em's wall I guess the high school aged half naked boys at the Mayan might be pretty appealing to her!!! You better watch out, she is getting cuter as the years pass!!


  3. Sounds like such a great birthday! I'm sure she had a wonderful day :)


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