William and his blankie

1:35 PM Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For all of you who know Charlotte she is a thumb sucker and she loves her "bankelie". William has discovered that he needs a blankie. When he sees it and can get to it, he grabs it and walks around the house with it. He will lay it on the floor and put his head down on it and scoot across the floor. He is such a funny little boy. His 2 top mollers are coming in and I think he is getting teeth on the bottom as well. So needless to say he is a really fussy and grumpy kid these days.


  1. Fun!!! Ethan has not become attached to anything yet! I almost wish he would so I could say one of my kids did that!


  2. I'm glad you know that now he has a double ear infection. Poor kid and mama!!! I feel deprived. I don't remember ever having a special blankie. Sad.


  3. Cougar loves his blankie, too ... we have 3 of them so we can have one in the car, the diaper bag, and the crib at all times! Love teething, too :(


  4. Oh my he is so cute...i just love it. how funny are kids...i wouldnt really know from my own personal children but i do have lots of neices and nephews. ha haha

    candice and tom

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