Halloween Decor

11:28 AM Monday, October 06, 2008

My sister and her friends get together and do crafts each Tuesday. This is what they made with a little help from me and my magic vinyl machine. I want to start a crafters group and meet twice a month and do a fun craft. This will be a good time to do some inexpensive crafts and get together with friends. I thought for Thanksgiving we could make these with fall paper and the lettering "Give Thanks" or "Harvest". What are your thoughts? If you would like to join me and the mouse in my pocket leave a comment or email me at supercuteknotwell@gmail.com .

I made this Halloween countdown after seeing my sister-in-laws. My sister and I created these all on our own and I am so proud of it. This took me way too long to make, but worth it!


  1. SO CUTE!! I would love to do crafts once or twice a month!! Let me know. I want to come see Will's room. I bet it is so cute.

    Warner Fam

  2. I am so in!! Just tell me when and where- you always have the best ideas! (oh and of course I can help with whatever, too.)

    Reese Fam

  3. Your countdown turned out way cute! I love it! The "spooky" letters are so cute!! What a fun idea!

    The Dalton Family

  4. Oh, super cute, you crafty one!!! *LOVE* the letters and your countdown turned out great :) Too bad I'm not there to join in any of the fun :(


  5. turned out great! Glad to see I insight inspiration in someone!


  6. Oh my goodness- those decorations are ADORABLE! I wish I could join your craft group.

    emily a.

  7. I'm there!


  8. You know me, I would love to come too! I love the countdown calendar...good job..I am impressed!!


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