If you had visited our blog in the last few days, I apologize for the dreary blandness that you saw. My sweet wife tried to make a change... "I wanted to make it cute" she lovingly said to me.

Disaster averted... hope you like the new seasonal look. We'll try to get it changed before spring.


  1. Bummed I missed the dreary blandness so I could give Jill crap about it!!! Oh well ... Looks super festive but I will start complaining if I have to see witches in December ;)


  2. Love the seasonal look for sure! Very cute. . . I missed the blandness. It must have only been a short time because your blog is a frequent visit for me:) Gotta make sure you guys are staying on the straight and narrow and not posting your crazy party scenes. Knotwells Gone Wild. Glad to see I've been accepted in to the Blogs I Frequent list. . . and that I am not only added but on the very top of the list. That's more like it. Hope there wasn't too much pressure for that one. I don't want you to think I'm forcing you to be my friends or anything. lol.

    The Dalton Family

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