Happy Halloween

10:08 AM Friday, October 31, 2008

This is John trying to look like a female nurse for his work party. I gave him a cute belt to accentuate his thin lady like figure, a necklace to bring out the belt and his beautiful eyes and a cute headband for that perfect touch of girl. Every year at his work, they decorate each department and they let the families of the employees come trick or treat there. It is so much fun and the kids LOVE it! The "Theme" for Johns department is something medical and all of the management have to dress up like female nurses. I hope to get some pics to post later.


  1. Should have shaved those legs, son! Ick! Otherwise, a mother couldn't be prouder! Happy Halloween.


  2. Priceless

    emily a.

  3. hahaha what a crackup!


  4. I blew this one up on my computer real big. . . Next time get the darling a razor for the legs. . . or she could just wear nylons and mash all the hair down -that would look hot.

    The Dalton Family

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