Cabo San Lucas 2009

1:14 PM Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We arrived in Cabo at 3pm and headed to the Riu Palace Resort. Once there we checked in and checked out our room and surroundings. What a gorgeous resort. Everything was outside, the hallways, restaurants, and the entertainment hall. We were certainly spoiled!

Saturday night we went into town with a group and found Cabo Wabo. This is a famous bar owned by Sammy Hagar and he just happend to be there that night. We waited about 2 hours and he finally came out and put on a concert for everyone. What a different world hanging out in a bar. We sat in the corner and I think we were the only sober people in there.

Sunday was definately a day of rest. We layed by the pool all day and soaked up the sun. inContact (John's work) had a dinner for everyone that evening by the pool. It was really yummy and alot of fun to see everyone who earned Presidents Club 2009.

The gorgeous sunset in Cabo.

On Monday we headed over to Lovers Beach to snorkel. Snorkeling isn't at the top of my list of fun things to do, but I did it anyway. I was really nervous about doing it when I saw rocks with crab having a picnic on them. Totally freaked me out and it took me a while to get and enjoy myself. We saw some beautiful fish and enjoyed a beautiful beach.

Here we are waiting for our water taxi to take us back to the resort.

Tuesday morning we rented a wave runner and cruised around the bay, checked out the marina and went over to Lovers Beach. What a blast! I know John wanted to be on his own so he could rip it up in the ocean, but sorry babe, not this time!

Later that afternoon we went out for Parasailing. We went with 5 couples and we were couple number 4. The first 2 or 3 couples saw a Hammer Head Shark floating in the bay. We saw no wildlife, but had a blast.

On Wednesday a group of us headed into town for the second time this week. We hit the market to find some cheap crap. And we were successful! I got myself a bowl that was "hand made" in Mexico.

After walking through the market and walking along the marina, a child had an Iguana and would let you hold it for tips. Paul and Sara held it and we got pics.

Poncho's came highly recommended by the locals so we gave it a shot. What an AWESOME restaurant! The food was to die for and it is Goldie Hawn's favorite place to eat!

This is the group of friends that we shopped with and ate at Poncho's with.

After dinner we walked to the marina and ate at Senor Sweets, again. This was the second time we ate there and it was even better the second time around.

John and I outside of Senor Sweets

Oh this is the life. This was us almost everyday, if not here, then at the pool. It was so hot and just wonderful in Mexico. Unfortunately we became friends with some of the vendors due to us not knowing how to say NO.

This is such a Danny and Sandy moment from Grease.

The waves were huge the last few days we were there. Just off of the shore we saw Manta Ray's jumping out of the water. With the waves being so large, hundreds of turtle eggs were destroyed on the shore. It was really sad to go on the beach and see hundreds of eggs and the nice Mexicans cleaning them up.

The resort had 2 swimming pools that were infinity pools. It was always the hot spot to sit at the edge and watch the ocean and see what was going on on the beach. This is our friend Paul Nagel, Johhny, Brett Coats and Barb Comish.

On Friday, John decided to do the Ultra Light Ride. It is a 2 seater contraption and you fly around with a lawn mower (I really don't know what kind) motor and have fun. He got some awesome pictures and had a blast doing it.

This beach is called "Lovers Beach". One side is on the Sea of Cortez and the other side is the Pacific Ocean. Very beautiful.

The coastline.

This the resort we stayed at. Or I should say half of the resort we stayed at.

Our last night in Cabo we went with 18 other couples to Pancho's again. Why not go to a yummy restaurant more than once?

The restaurant has the largest selection of Tequila I think in the world. I know you are thinking, "What Mexicans drink Tequila?", the answer is, that is all they drink! Pancho's also has the oldest Tequila EVER!

This here is a Rattle Snake in a vat of Tequila. They believe that it has the same effect as Viagra. They offer it to the newlyweds that come in there. There is also a shot of Tequila that is $170 for one shot! I know you are really glad to have learned all of this about Tequila.

After dinner we all walked over to the Marina and took some pics and just enjoyed the last night in Paradise. We once again visited Senor Sweets for the 3rd time. Maybe we should open a franchise so I can eat it every day.

It was one of the best vacations I have ever been on and I can't wait to go back some day.


  1. These were the most beautiful pictures. So this was a work trip? How fun. It really looks heavenly.

    emily a.

  2. So, so fun guys. You look beautiful Jill. Glad you had such a great time :)


  3. You guys look so rested and fabulous!! Absolutely gorgeous pics :)


  4. I can't even imagine going on a vacation let alone one like this! Looks beautiful, and sounds yummy!


  5. FUN FUN! Isn't so nice to get away with just the hubby sometimes! It looks beautiful, and what could be better, food, hot sun, pools, and nothing better to do!

    Me in a nut shell

  6. WOW I want to go there so bad. It looks like paradise. How fun, I am glad you two had fun, you deserve it.


  7. Way fun. You do look beautiful!!! Great pictures. You look so scared parasailing! :) Glad you got to get away.


  8. That trip sounds amazing! I want to go! You guys took some awesome pictures! They look so professional!!


  9. OH it feels like I've been waiting for this post for ages!! Looks like a blast! Great pics, I felt like I was right there with ya. . . sorta.

    The Dalton Family

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