7:07 AM Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I took Will to the Dr. for his 2 year check up and he is doing great. He is weighing in at a whopping 26lbs and is 33" tall. He went from the 15% in weight up to the 20% in 6 months! We are so proud of our little shrimp. He has such a fun personality and is always making us laugh. He loves to play the air "gigar" and sing for everyone. What a performer! He has recently named his blanky to Gipy, and most of you know he calls his binky, gucker. I love how kids make up their own language, what a cutie!


  1. Oh, my! He's grown so much just in 2 months. And, he is a delightful little boy. We are so proud to call him grandson!


  2. LOL!! Ethan weighed 26 lbs. probably six months ago. I think I have a little line backer in my family! We're glad to hear he is doing well and growing ;)


  3. Oh he is getting so big...he is so adorable and sooo full of spunk! I love him!


  4. What a cutie for sure! That's what I think everytime I see him:) He's so smart and running around way faster than you would think those little legs could carry him:)

    The Dalton Family

  5. What a doll! He is an itty bit, although Cougar has certainly slowed down compared to what he was a year ago. I'll be interested to see where he's at when he goes in. Love that he still has a binky, too. Cougar's paci is ADIOS next week (probably)! His pediatrician gave me crap about it 6 months ago .... he just loves it so much ;)


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