October 2009

6:53 PM Saturday, October 31, 2009

October is here and now the snow I'm sure is going to start flying soon. Before it did, we spent a weekend at the cabin with the family. Char got a fishing pole for her birthday and had waited all summer to go fishing with Papa. He finally took her and she is hooked. They walked up the street where our cabin is and started fishing behind one of the other cabins in the creek. I think this next summer, she will be begging my Dad to take her every day.

October is Knotwell Family Vacation Month. We always take our big trip this month with it being "off seaon" for the vacationing folks. We decided to go East and take the family to Hilton Head, SC. WE LOVED IT! We thought it would be a good idea to fly the red eye to Atlanta then switch planes at 6am to fly off to Hilton Head. Don't think we will do that again. I had no idea about this but, Char was up all night keeping John company. She helped him order his drink, and get his snacks. I slept like a baby and so did the rest of the family.
John's parents drove from Missouri and met us there to partake in the beauty of SC. The thing to do there is rent bikes and ride them all over the island. Everyone does it and it is worth it! The kids had a blast and the scenery was amazing. We would come along lakes and see Alligator eyes or see them sun bathing on the grass. Now when the kids see green water it has Alligators in it.

At the Marriott Vacation Clubs, most of them have a Kids Zone where the kids can do activities and make things. This day they did turtle races and let the kids pick them up and hold them. On other days they made sour powder sticks, frames, and they had movies and game nights as well.

The bike riders. I was with Sally in the car driving to the Lighthouse while the Fam rode their bikes.

At the end of the paths they have for the bikers there are shops, a beach with a marina, and a lighthouse. Very beautiful!

The beach was right off the property and there was one day that was absolutely perfect for the beach. We all headed down and played for most of the day. The water was warm and shallow and the sand was soft and fabulous.

I really wanted to go see one of the Plantantions in South Carolina. I didn't get any pictures, but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. John and the kids walked through a swamp on the property and got some cool shots.

Having a picnic in the park after a day of shopping and site seeing was just what we needed. We did drive into Savannah and Charleston and had a wonderful time in each spot. I highly recommend anyone going to visit Hilton Head.

At Charlotte's Preschool she has a Halloween program called the Hooky Spooky. Her teacher, Miss Amy, has the children either tell a joke or do a trick for the parents. This was seriously the cutest thing I have seen. The kids sang songs and did such a great job telling their jokes and doing their tricks. Charlotte's joke was, "What do you find in a ghosts nose? ..... Boogers!"
Ha Ha Ha Ha

Since the schools out here don't do the Halloween Parade anymore, we always head up to my Mom's school and parade with her class. The kids love this and have so much fun seeing all the kids in their costumes. Afterward, the 2nd grade puts on a program that we stay and watch.

John took the kids Trick-or-Treating this year and they got a TON of candy. Not to mention the load they got at John's work Halloween party.


  1. That trip looks heavenly!

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