Conservative Members of the United States Congress,

Where are you? And what happened to that for which we elected you?

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are devestating events in the lives of many good and unfortunate Americans. Let us all open our hearts to them. Leave no question that my intentions in writing this letter are not to rebuild New Orleans, or the rest of the 90, 000 square miles of gulf coast, on the backs of the poor. My intentions are not to forsake those that are in need. My intentions are, simply, to save as much of the taxpayers hard stolen money for future needs.

Conservatives have long stood for principles of limited government. We have long stood for fiscal responsibility even in the face of humiliation. At times, it is necessary for the government to step in and provide necessary welfare for its citizens, but we must hold fast to the purse strings. Ronald Reagan once said that if something the administration was doing wasn't popular it was because he wasn't communicating it right. I would argue that you are not communicating what is most important to us - helping save our people - to us.

Let us be giving and kind. Let us be responsible and offer charity. Let us love our fellow citizens. But, let us also tighten the belt at a time when tightening is necessary. You must cut spending to pay for this effort. Monies must be dispersed to the victims of natural disasters - but you must cut the pork out to do it. Americans will understand. Citizens of this country will understand that it will be a time for giving and surviving on our own for a little while. Pay for this disaster (as we should) with taxpayer money, but find a way to make it work without 1) increasing taxes, 2) cuting defense spending or 3) pouring money into corrupt state and local governments.

Finally, I remind you that one of the most potent images of the late 20th century is one of President Clinton standing before a national audience and writing a big zero on a white board entitled National Budget Deficiet. It took a spend thrift party to do what the conservative party preeched for so long that they should have done.

Now is a season to step into the refiner's fire and become something better than you are. I also urge the President to stand for something conservative in these the wayning days of his dismal presidency. I urge the President to veto spending bills that don't cut pork barrel spending or needless waste. I urge members of the Conservative movement to request the same from their President.

The ballot boxes of 2006 and 2008 are not that far away. Don't waste time trying to figure out how to make the votes add up. Fight for your causes. Fight for the things that will define a new contract with America. Fight for the people that have fought for you.


Wm. John Knotwell III
Proud Citizen of the United States of America


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