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6:47 PM Friday, October 07, 2005

Since blogging has become the journaling and free speech of choice for the last several months, we thought it would be fun to actually start our own. Blogger (from Google) is free. They give you picture space and as many posts as you would like. Have fun here and let us know how you're doing from time to time.

John, Jill, Emily, and Charlotte


  1. What a cute idea and i love your family picture. It looks like I am the first to comment...so I'll keep it short. When are we going to get together for dinner?

    Katie & Laurn

  2. A blog spot? As if you all need MORE attention...silly kids! K so when do I get to see the girls again? I mean...you guys too, but really when do I get to see the girls again? And I noticed that little Charlotte got a nice haircut!:) You guys are awesome...love ya


    One HOT Mama

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