Day 3 - Waimea Canyon

8:51 AM Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mark Twain called Waimea Canyon the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Waimea means Red Water and when the rains come hard, the water rushes from the canyon into the Pacific and literally turn the ocean red.

During hurricane Iniki in 1992 all the chicken coops on the island, and there are no natural predators on the island (snakes, predator birds, etc.) so the chickens have thrived. They are EVERYWHERE. Truely the county bird of Kauai.

The beaches of Poipu are pristine and welcoming. They are the primary home of the Monk Seal, an endangered species that comes ashore often. When they do, the lifeguards immediately place caution tape around their area. They are well respected animals in Hawaii.

Sea Turtles (called Honu in Hawaian). They weigh 65 lbs on average. No, I never did see one snorkeling. Yes, I really wanted to and am angry that I didn't (all the more reason to return in a couple years?). Yes, they really are friendly. Yes, we now called them Honu in our house. Yes, when sea turtles talk, they really do talk like Crush from Finding Nemo. :)

One of my favorite pictures from the trip was taken at Poipu, near Spoting Horn (like Old Faithful with a much prettier backdrop - the Pacific Ocean). The sunset near Poipu was gorgeous and I got to spend it with this hottie that I am lucky enough to call my wife.


  1. Kauai was my absolute favorite too. You two look fantastic!

    emily a.

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