Halloween Pictures

7:07 PM Wednesday, October 31, 2007


  1. I see you decided to grow out your hair and dye it from last Halloween. Good choice...

    emily a.

  2. WOWZERS!! You're back with a vengence :) I've been busy with class and feeling crummy the past few days but will have Halloween pics up soon - You all look terrific - where's Jill?!


  3. Hmmmmm.....looks kinda good on you! Those kids are darling! All of them! See you soon. 143, Mom and Dad


  4. Wow...I didn't fully understand what Jill saw in you until now. With that sexy facial hair and pirate outfit, it's easy to see why she married you:) I'm SO glad to see recent posts! I hope you guys are doing well!


  5. John I never knew you were SOOOO into Halloween! Looking good Mr. Sparrow or is it Miss Candi? Your kids are darling...cute pumpkin patch pics, darling costumes!

    The Balls

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