Hannalei Panarama - Day 7

11:48 PM Saturday, October 27, 2007

There's something magical about the shores of Hannalei. We snorkeled at Tunnels beach... the far end of the world for all intents and purposes. The coral is a mere 7 inches below the surface at some points. In fact, there were some that stood on the coral and it might appear to some that they were walking on the water.
The town of Hanalei is quaint and the outskirts of town are full of lavish homes owned by some of Hollywood's most elite stars. All that being siad, the view I captured here seems to speak of the place best to me... serene, farming still occupying most of the inhabitants time (poi is made from the Taro Root, grown in the fields of Hannalei seen here). We miss the peace of "The Garden Isle."


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