Eat it up ladies...

12:15 AM Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Now that's a handsome boy!
When I got home on Monday night, Mr. William was having a tough time. He got a bottle and then he chilled next to his mom on the bed. Well, mom wasn't staying there, she had things to do. When she moved, he rolled over into this position. Why do we love babies when they are sleeping? :)


  1. I'll take a second helping, please ... that first bite just wasn't enough!! Gotta love a gorgeous sleeping baby :)


  2. Oh, that is a darling picture. I need a baby snuggle!

    emily a.

  3. Sleeping babies are just so scrumptious! And Young Master Will is especially so. I'll take dessert first, thank you! Hugs from Nana


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