Christmas 2007

4:16 PM Monday, January 14, 2008

This Christmas was so much fun! John's parents came out to spend the holidays with us once again. Emily spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with her dad, so we had to wait to open presents until 1pm. When we woke up we had the YUMMIEST breakfast. We ate our new addition to our freezer - Pig! John and Sally brought us out a pig and a partial cow. Can we say Delicious!! We kept the lights off in the front room where Santa delivered all of the presents so Miss Charlotte wouldn't know what was in there. Well around 11am she discovered her Christmas gift from Santa - The Rose Petal Cottage. She loved it and she loved washing her jammies. Her babies felt right at home. So needless so say, we started to open our Christmas. We were spoiled by John's parents. We are so grateful for all we got and we were so grateful to help others this Christmas holiday.


  1. Sorry to have taken your parents away from you this year ... doesn't seem like you suffered any for it ;) Sounds like you had a fantastic time!!


  2. Yeah, I can see the older Charlotte gets the harder to keep her from opening those presents when Emily's not home yet!


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