He is such a big boy!

9:45 AM Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Will is sporting his big boy tie. Isn't he the cutest thing since sliced ham?


  1. He really is cute! Love the tie. It's amazing how much Charlotte and he look alike. He's a perfect mix of you two.

    emily a.

  2. Love the tie!


  3. Seriously!!! Such a grown up look for him ;) Love that you're blogging up a storm ... although you really need to disable your music player (or at least not have it turn on automatically) - I don't need my family woken up at 2 AM when I am blog surfing!!


  4. What a cutie! You guys have the most adorable family! Start making more!


  5. He looks so cute, I love little guys in ties!! I am sorry I didn't talk to you more while we were there, our life was so busy there. I just got your Christmas card and that picture is so stinking adorable!! Such a cute family!


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