Happy 30th Birthday Johnny!

11:02 AM Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today is Johns 30th birthday! He is finally as old as me :) We had a birthday party for John last night with our family. John and I are going to Brad Paisley tonight for the BIG day. The girls and I decorated the kitchen and made dinner. When John got home Emily turned out the lights and we had "surprise" party for him. We got him a new ski jacket - you can see what a model he is. I just don't know why he doesn't do this for a profession. We then enjoyed a home made donut cake. I love you my sweet husband!


  1. Happy Birthday Joao! I was thinking about you and so glad Jillie did a post. That looks like a good birthday party! I'm jealous you are going to that concert tonight- that will be so much fun.

    Love you!

    emily a.

  2. Happy birthday, John!! Sounds like a wonderful day :) I'm sure Brad Paisley was wonderful ... not as good as HM for us the other night, but great all the same! Welcome to your 30s, you old fart ;)


  3. OK OK I missed fun Whitney didnt come!! I will wear my boots over my pants invite me next time!!! HEE HEE

    Casey and Whitney MCkell

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