Rockin' New Years Eve!

5:16 PM Monday, January 14, 2008

For New Years Eve we invited some of our friends over to rock. Our friend Josh brought his Rock Band XBox game and Nate brought his Guitar Hero over so we could play some games to ring in the new year. Although, we did kick everyone out at 10mp so we could get some rest. I know we are so old! The kids had so much fun rocking out and singing the rock music. The guys I think had the most fun. They got so in to it they wouldn't even smile. So much consentration! Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. FYI - my girlfriend works for Electronic Arts and they have a tentative spring release of RockBand for the Wii!!!! That's why I held off on buying GH3 this Christmas. My girls love the HSM Sing It! game - it keeps them all so happy when babysitting group is at our house ;) Looks like a wonderful NYE - even if you're losers who crash at 10 PM!!


  2. We played board games with your parents till midnight; so you know we rocked it on New Years!


  3. I love Jens face!!!!

    Casey and Whitney MCkell

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