Here comes the Brides!

5:22 PM Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My mother was cleaning out closets and she MADE me take home my 1st wedding dress. The girls were so excited about putting it on and looking pretty. I think they put it on everyday for almost a week. I had to take it to get cleaned so if anyone knows someone who needs a dress I can give them a deal!


  1. That is hilarious!! My girls love to wear my veil, too, although they've never been allowed to don the dress ;) Glad to hear Pam is doing more closet cleaning ... has she finally thrown Steve's baseball trophies away?


  2. Kylie always asks to try mine on! Funny.... they look gorgeous! That makes me laugh because your Mom told me you took home your dress, but acted like you really wanted too!!:)


  3. Oh my this will be here before you know it!!! ha ha they are so cute. they will make beautiful brides one day.

    candice and tom

  4. Dying... my first wedding dress. I would've loved that when I was little well, even older too.

    emily a.

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