Little Mermaid

5:29 PM Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Emily taught Charlotte that if you put both legs in one leg of your pants you turn into a mermaid. The girls were hopping around the house on a Sunday afternoon playing "merdaids". I am so glad that our girls are such good friends and that they like to play with each other.


  1. What a cute story ... love these little snippets of life :)


  2. LOL! What is it with girls and wanting to be mermaids! When I was 5 "The Little Mermaid," came out and I played mermaid any chance I got, especially in the tub! I think I know what Charlotte might be for Halloween this year! or I guess a Mermaid themed birthday party is in the works!


  3. That is really cute. I can imagine Char thinks Emily is the best thing ever!

    emily a.

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