William is 18 months!

1:19 PM Tuesday, September 30, 2008

William turned 18 months on Sunday and boy is he a ball of fire! I took him to his Dr. today and he is the skinniest thing around. He weighed in at 22lbs (15%) and he is only 33" tall (30%). He is like 1/2 of what his 2 cousins weigh! I think it is because he is such a diva when it comes to food and when feeding time is at the zoo.
This picture is of William's new camera face. When asked to smile for the camera, he makes this face. He has been saying so many words and he is really mimicking alot too. He can say Thank you, Hi, Eeew, Whoa, Mom, Da Da, I want that, ding dong, barks when he sees a dog, quacks, and other words that I haven't figured out yet. He is such a funny little guy and he is always leaving us laughing. The other day at church he was wondering and saying "Hi" to his admirers and he lifted up his shirt and was pushing on his tummy saying "Ding Dong". It was so funny! What a joy he has been in our family and I have loved watching him grow and learn. He loves his sisters and loves to do what they are doing including wearing high heel princess shoes and caring for baby dolls.
When John gets his tools out Will is right there beside him wanting to help or make a bigger mess for dad to clean up. You would think that the table saw or all the other tools that are loud would scare him, but it makes him more curious. Here's to 18 months of fun and to many more years to come.


  1. What a cute 18 month old boy!! Alex had a face similar to that when we asked him to smile. I think he was about the same age too when he did it. You could never see his eyes in any pictures for like 6 months. FUNNY!! We need to play again!! Call me!


  2. Two of my favorite people right there...

    John Knotwell

  3. He is so cute. I just love him. It's amazing that at only eighteen months he really knows how to charm the ladies. What can you do. . . He's just irresistible. Cute pic of you two. Love it.

    The Dalton Family

  4. That is so funny ... I was just posting about Cougar's words last night!! Seems they've got some in common, although C says "beep" while lifting his shirt and pushing his belly button! Try to fatten that kid up, okay? I guess he IS he learning to eat from his svelt little parents :)


  5. I think he needs a strict diet of ice cream, donuts, cookies, cake, and candy! Skinny little thing! At 15 months Ethan was almost 25lbs! I don't remember his height, but it was in the 90% area! Love his smile though! Kylie's got the goofiest smile around, but I love it!


  6. He is a cute little fireball like you said. He is so cute. He came from a cute mommy and daddy though.


  7. What a cute little stinker. I think he and Izzy could really work out (in about 20 years or so)... she's a skinny little thing too!

    Reese Fam

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