Seaworld - Day 6

10:48 PM Monday, November 03, 2008

This was probably the most fun of all the days of our trip. Seaworld is a blast, go there, you won't be disappointed. We've been as a family twice and I spent some awesome summers going to the park more than a few times when I was growing up. Really... go... don't be afraid, most of the stuff there can't even walk on dry land.

Seaworld is owned by the Anheuser-Busch company. They respect their place as stewards of the environment and as fortunate recipients of the blessings of liberty. During each of the last two Shamu shows we've been too, they ask every past and present member of the armed services to stand. The entire audience then stands and claps for their service. It's very emotional. This circle of flags has been here since I can remember. It's a Seaworld landmark.

The star of the whole park. Shamu performs only twice a day now (thankfully), but the show is spectacular. Orca's are amazing creatures.

My darling wife took this shot, this is priceless. I think Emily and Ed stood there for about 5 of the coasters to come down and splash them. They were wet most of the day.

My favorite shot from the day. Beluga's are my favorite animal at the park.

A polar bear... or, wait, is that Ed?

No, those are not Knotwell children, those are penguins.

William love playing with the starfish with his Momo.


  1. I LOVE Sea World too! I love that pic of Em and Ed!! I like it in the black and white. Their facial expressions are great. You guys take the best pics. My last trip to Sea World I was so amazed at all there was to see. We didn't even make it to everything. I enjoyed every bit of it. Beautiful place with amazing shows.

    The Dalton Family

  2. Sweet splashy photo Jill! I'm likin' it!

    Derek White

  3. your trip looks like it was so much fun! i love all the pics you two little photographers!

    candice and tom

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