Thanksgiving Tree

6:59 AM Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For FHE we made a tree and covered it with leaves with the things that we are grateful for.

Charlotte: Ranch, bankelie, "sumb" (thumb), bed, and I had to beg her to put William.
Emily: People, TV, Family, School, Food
William: Kitchen Utensils, Bankelie, Sucker (Binkie), Cars
Jill: My sweet husband, sweet children, health, warm home
Johnny: Sweet wife, good job, family and good parents

It was really fun to see what the kids would write and I think it was a good lesson for them too.


  1. What a great idea! That just brings the true meaning of Thanksgiving back to where it belongs. Great job, you guys!


  2. That's an adoreable idea! I'll be coming for my craft soon. Can't wait to see the next one. What a great neighbor you are, you do all the hard work!

    The Balls

  3. Love it! What a great idea! You are so creative you amaze me! I think I will take this idea and use it in my family. Have a great Thanksgiving. What a time to have so much to be thankful for.

    The Dalton Family

  4. Fun idea. One day Charlotte will be thankful for William :) Glad you had fun crafting. Sorry I missed it.


  5. K - I might steel that idea, so cute, and dang it, I missed the blocks, I had a hectic work schedule. We need to all get together and go to lunch or something soon!

    Me in a nut shell

  6. Totally adorable projects you're working on!! Guess that's one thing that makes me wish we lived closer ;) Totally *LOVE* your Thanksgiving tree ... I'm SO doing that next year!!! I wanted to have the kids do scrapbook pages like that for their books this year but it didn't happen - another intention I was unable to fulfill :(


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