Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

9:56 AM Thursday, November 27, 2008

The first annual Snap Fitness Turkey Trot was cold, wet, and rainy. All of these things added to the early morning for the kids and dad. But... Jill and her neighborhood running buddies brought home personal best times. Jill in 25:10 for the 5K, which is the best she's ever run a 5K! Great work honey, and Heather and Sarah! Here are some shots from the race.


  1. There ya go, Jill! I'm so darned proud of you!!! I can't stop braggin' about my DDDDIL!(Dear Dear Dear Daughter-in-Law). Keep up the good work, Jill.


  2. You are one freakin' HOT skinny mama!!!! I'm beyond proud of you and am so glad you called to share your good news! Can't wait for next year's race ... good thing I've got a year to get faster so I can kick your hiney ;) You would have WORKED me today! And looking at your pics I can't even imagine running in pants ....


  3. Run Jilly Run!!!! I am glad you guys can run and get skinny!! I have to get an eliptical for Christmas to get in shape, flat foot syndrome! Thanks a lot Dad!


  4. Way to go Jill! Thank you- It was a blast! You did great:)

    The Dalton Family

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