Crafters Group - A Success!

6:53 AM Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday I had my Crafters Group over to do our first craft. We made the "Give Thanks" blocks and I think everyone had fun doing it. I want to thank everyone who came over and participated. Look for the next craft in the next few days!


  1. Looks like it was a fun group. Wish I lived closer. Where were the kiddies and hubster?

    emily a.

  2. Too stinkin' cute! How fun was that? Wish I'd been there...


  3. I had a great time and everyone's blocks turned out so cute! Can't wait until the next one!


  4. Well, I sorry I missed it! I heard it was fun, and you are quite the woman for allowing that many children into your home. I'm already looking forward to next month!!!


  5. This was great!!! Thank you so much, I will definitly be watching for the next one. I have gotten so many compliments so thank you!

    The Dalton Family

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